Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Along the Nidda 2

This one is from a couple of weeks ago. Jane and I went walking along the Nidda from Hoechst upstream from where it joins the Main. I managed to get a shot of the heron before it flew off. We also watched crows who seemed to be "fishing". A few weeks before I had seen a crow with a live fish which surprised me because I thought they mainly ate carrion. Looking in the Internet I found video of another type of crow fishing by thowing bread in the water and and catching the fish when it came to eat the bait! you can see this at: Posted by Picasa

Along the Nidda 1

May has been pretty wet and it rained very hard on Saturday night. So when I went on my bike on Sunday morning, the Nidda was flowing fast and furious and was at least a meter above it's recent level. I noticed a lot of debris being carried along as I went upstream to Bad Vilbel and was curious to know what would happen when all this stuff (including logs) got to the weir at Heddenheim. So I went back downnsteam and had a look. As the photo shows, all the debris had gone over the weir but was trapped under the waterfall because of the back circulation. Hopefully someone will fish it all out during the next week.
Also sighted: A very large hare stopped on the path ahead. It was as big as a dog and it's ears must have been 30cms long. The swallows were swooping fast and low over the river catching flys. What fantastic aerodynamics! The ducks had to paddle hard against the strong current just to stay in the same place and had to fly home in the end. Posted by Picasa