Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jemima's dad

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Now this is Jemima's dad, my son Andy. The picture was taken in sunny Brighton last November. Andy became a vegetarian when he was about 6. He asked his mum where meat came from and she told him it was from dead animals, and he never ate meat again as far as I know. Jemima's mum is not vegetarian though and Andy now eats fish as I do. I wonder what Jemima's going to eat when she gets beyond the sucking stage.

Jemima's uncle

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Having introduced you to my granddaughter, I'd now like to introduce you to my son. No not Jemima's dad, my younger son Matthew who lives in England and goes to boarding school in Derbyshire.

Matt comes over to Germany at least once a year and he does eat sausages, because unlike his mum, his big brother and his dad, he does eat meat, showing that he has an independent mind, not to mention an independent stomach.

Matt is quite keen on mobile phones (this is actually a slight understatement) and on his last trip over here last Easter, he accidently rang the fire brigade in the middle of the night with my new Sony Ericson phone. I hope he forgives me for mentioning this.

Monday, January 23, 2006

My granddaughter

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I couldn't resist posting a picture of Jemima. She is on her first world tour with her mom in Sydney right now. She is thinking of taking a course in English quite soon.

About Frankfurt
Frankfurt sits astride the river Main which flows into the Rhein at nearby Mainz.
It is famous for frankfurters (sausages), but as a pescatarian (fish-eating vegetarian), I don't eat them.

The part of Frankfurt south south of the river, called Sachsenhausen, is famous for it's apple wine (locally called Ebbelwei) and a special sort of cheese called Handkäs which is eaten with chopped onion, vinegar, bread and butter.

Of course Frankfurt is the financial centre of Germany and home to the European Central Bank which sets the interest rates for the Euro Zone (but not for my home country, Britain, who, like Graucho Marx, doesn't want to belong to a club that would accept them as a member).

I live in the north of the city in a place called Bonames which was once a quiet village on the river Nidda, but has been swallowed up by the city and is now only a short distance from the A5 Autobahn, one of the busiest roads in Europe. The Nidda has recently been re-naturalised and the paths which run along it's length are popular with walkers and bikers.